Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm not sure which one I should go with. I kinda like the one in the middle. Any suggestions?


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  2. Hey Henry I think the middle one is a lot warmer feeling than all the rest. I would consider your story and the environment this guy is going to inhabit to sort of inform your final decision. I Think the top guy is kind of cool although his textures and spots are border line "cow-ish."
    I'm a big fan of red eyes so that would be my choice. Overall I think you've got a really good handle on the texturing of these guys. Good luck.

  3. Henry,

    I think the middle one is the only one that looks albino to me. The others just look gray. Most albino animals are actually pink or yellow.

    As far as the scars go, they aren't as clear on the middle one as they are on others, I think you should experiment a little more on those. Maybe even add some more grime and battle scars, right now he looks like a pretty happy hippo.

    Hope that helps!