Tuesday, July 14, 2009

anyone awake?

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good summer! I don't know if anyone still pokes around here, but I have been working on revising my old Widow Ching project. I would love some feedback! The colors look a little dull online, but I assure you the reds are REDRED.

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  1. We are here-We are here-We are here! ( I was just watching Horton Hears a Who) Pretty rad Liz! She has a nice feel to her and the whimsical smoke thing is pretty cool and leads your eye back to her nicely. The painting looks very nice and keeps with your particular style that you've been 'honing'. Hmmm, I guess if I had to choose what I'd like to see more of, I'd like to see more character in that dress. She's a captain and I'm not sure if she is glamorous all the time when in command or if this is a moment of relaxing only while she smokes. Maybe some pattern (although it is a pain) or ornamentation to give it authority. Also maybe some seams, threading, patchwork or tattering somewhere to make it look real. This is obviously a nice dress, I'm guessing silk, but it could still have some tells showing that it is in used a bit. Silk is hard to show, but keep studying to get it right...I'm not even show how I would paint it, tricky stuff. Also, her arms twin alittle, coming down at the same angle and I'm not sure what the arm closest to us is doing. Maybe that arm could be posed with some more purpose, like resting on a map or compass to show her intentions of conquest- I dunno. Well that's all I could offer, but I think its a great painting job.