Thursday, October 29, 2009


i'm have problems picking her age. for the "nice" version i'm trying to make it have a feeling of a favorite auntie or grandma... i can't decide. So the "evil" one is suppose to be a bitter women. i'm still working out my story. its suppose to be a dimsum float, set in san francisco. she lures little children, kidnaps them, and cooks them for the stuffing of pork buns(cha siu bao). anyway, if you guys like any that would help me go into a direction. thanks


  1. Hi Steph! I think your idea is really cute. I like #s 1 and 15 on the first page, and #2 on the second page.

    #1 just seems really happy and friendly, I would buy dimsum from her. 15 is just appealing to me. good luck!

  2. thanks for getting back to me liz! i'm leaning more toward those already.