Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Albino Eel

Hello everybody! Here is my albino eel. I am leaning towards the pink one but I also like the yellowish one, it seems really different. Also, I think I want to beat him up a bit more he seems really clean and healthy. Any thoughts? Any other comments also appreciated. Danke!


  1. hey! i typed in "ugly fish" @ corbis. some of the fish have really interesting textures that you could put on your creature to make it older and grosser looking. and i like the pinker one too, but put him in some water to see if you still like the pink :]

  2. Chantrelle, your eel has a lot of character and attitude I like it alot. I agree with Steph about the textures. You could roughen his skin more, like show some bumps, cuts, and deforms stuffs. I like the pink, yellow, and brown ones, especially the yellow one. Maybe you can combine different shades and see how it looks, the the top can be yellow, and the bottom be pink etc. Good luck!