Tuesday, March 10, 2009

color thumbs of exterior

I kno I need alot of work, but crit as much as u can if u can. I was going for morning, late afternoon, and night. JP likes the really warm exterior, i do as well, but gotta tone it down alittle more, becasue its tooo warm. what do u guys think of the morning one that looks like nite, lol? i kno that theres abit of light blue, but didnt know how to approach it. What do u think of the night one? What do you all think of the line work?


  1. I would say to leave the guesswork out completely and google search for some photographs of the time of day you want and choose your color palette from them. Another good trick is to find a painting you really admire that has the same mood you are going for and borrow THEIR color palette.

    Reference rocks!

  2. I'll have to second what Liz said. I literally used the same palette from backgrounds in 101 Dalmations.