Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nelson: Revised Pass 02

Up for comments, a bit late... Thanks.


  1. hey Nelson, I like ur stuff. i can see that you lightened up ur mask shop, maybe u could put in more saturated colors to punch up the contrast. cuz rite now, the colors that u hav on ur shop seems alil dull. although it is the focal point for sure, just need alil more vibrate colors.

  2. yeah you're right... i totally agree. Thanks Hieu.

  3. Hi Nelson, your piece is looking good. I just have several minor things wanna point out.
    1. you maybe wanna separate the foreground and the middle ground a little bit more. Right now the middle ground is very close to the foreground in terms of darkness.
    2. the light bar in front is a bit distracting. Maybe because it's surrounded by darkness, so that there's big contrast that pull my eyes to there.
    3. watch out tangency.

    that's it. hope these help. Keep it up.