Saturday, March 14, 2009


hey guys. There hasn't been a new post in a couple of days, so here is my interior so far. I am hoping the colors make him look less sad. The values are still pretty weird too. Everything is still really, really rough, and there are plenty of mistakes I have yet to tackle. So please, go nuts.


  1. Hey Liz, so far, i think u culd add alil more color here and there on the masks, just to indicate, yes they are different masks. ya kno?

    and u culd maybe add alil texture to the floor to indicate what kinda floorin it is, if its hardwood or if its just cement. o yea, how big do you work? cuz ur lamp above him seem to be clear that it is a lamp. ur working pretty big?

  2. I feel confident that you won't have any problems making this nice and solid once you really get into it. The warm colors do make it more welcoming, but I think that if you're looking to make him not sad then you might need to get into his expression a bit. I think it's the way he's looking off into the distance that makes him look sad. If you made him with a small smile and maybe lifted his eyebrows a bit he would probably look more happy/pensive than sad. I'm not sure how far you want to go with that though.

  3. Hey Liz, this is looking cool. Once you get into the painting and value adjustment, it'll be crack-a-lackin'. I had some ideas to make your guy pop more. I feel like that back window is drowning him out- its just so bright and attached to him, maybe try it without the window? And possibly pushing into more darkness around his little work area so he sort of emerges from it into the light- sfumato-esque could make it super dramatic. Good luck

  4. thanks for the great comments you guys! I'll try to get him "crackalackin'" to the best of my ability.

    Hieu, I scan my image at 300 DPI, but work with a small image unless I really need to get in there and define an edge.