Sunday, March 15, 2009

Exterior: Where its at...

At this point just trying to get a basic value structure down with color. Keep going back & forth between blocking in & noodling. Glad to finally post...

Line drawing...


  1. looks good nelson. the stream of light in the foreground is a little too warm, it's contrasting a lot with the cool shadows surrounding it.
    I think you could bump the saturation where your mask shop is. squint at the redish wall and then the poster in the shadow. it looks like the same saturation and value. so if you make it really hot there it'll draw my eye into the area even more.
    all i got for now nelson. good luck :]

  2. Hey Nelson, it's looking good!. Since it's still in its early stages, I would say to not be afraid to push it as far as you can. Go ahead and make your darks REALLY dark, and throw in some whites for emphasis around your focal point. As Steph noted, some really saturated color or intense light at your shop is really going to make this piece special, because as it is, it feels like you are holding back. This is going to rock on Wednesday, though!