Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another post. if you guys don't remember my characters personality, he's a tired/mildly depressed 38 yr old, who is unhappy with his current life, but he changes and becomes more hopeful as his adventure to hunt moby dick continues.
also i'm not really sure whats really due for sat. can anyone clear it up for me :/

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  1. Hi Steph, I think this is an improvement! He has a lot more personality.

    I would watch his proportions. I know he's covered in a lot of clothes, but he looks very short. At least his legs and torso do, compared to the length of his arms.

    Just double check his facial features before you go to final paint, they are in danger of getting a little mushy.

    Did you model this out and light it? The shadows look good, but I wonder if there would be a more dramatic cast shadow on his face from his hood. It might be a nice touch.

    Keep it up!