Sunday, September 20, 2009

character design

Crits please. Main Story: a "moby dick" whale/ creature hunter from Northern Russia Siberia during the mid 19th cent. He is looked up to by his tribe, the Nenets. His people are facing tough times and he feels responsible to hunt the whale for his people's survival. I will be reworking the anything else would be great. thanks in advance.


  1. Hey Miles,
    This looks great! I really like the texture on the clothes.
    My only concern is the chain. It doesn't fit with your design. I would add more texture to it and make it feel used and rusty. It's very graphic and looks unfinished. Also, I think it's too weak to hold onto the harpoon if he manages to spear the giant whale. Maybe make it thicker?

  2. cool, thanks dora... yea i can see what ur saying