Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sea monster

I decided to make it snake-like monster. any suggestion?


  1. Hey Daich,

    I have limited experience with maya; however, I think it would be interesting to see individual scales on the sea serpent. Since it's aquatic, maybe you can add fins and gills, and little hints to let the viewer know it's a sea creature. Maybe add more fangs or play with the eye lids like a camel? I believe camels have an almost clear lid to block out the sand? Maybe your creature could as well? I hope that helps!

  2. Hey Daich,

    Could you upload the mesh as well? I think the bump/zbrushing on the snakes face looks a little unclear at this moment, is the skin of the snake coral like? right now it reads kind of like bulbous flesh instead of reptilian scales.

    In terms of the design the handling looks pretty good at this stage but i agree with Justin about adding something extra to make it more of a sea monster rather than just a snake. Hope it helps

  3. Thanks Justin, Paul,
    I haven't made its surface yet. The mesh is pretty simple now. I was going to make dinosaur type skin, but you guys are right. Scales would make it more like sea monster. I will do that.
    And I will make more fangs and also details on its face. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.