Friday, September 18, 2009

Hi all... this is what I have so far.. any critiques would be great! Thanks.



  1. hi henwee, lookin good. his pipe still bothers me. put a pencil as the pipe in your mouth to try to get that angle to see if it really works, cuz i don't really think it does. might want to switch it to the other side still. and don't forget to fade some of your edges so we can have some eye rest. maybe we can get some snacks today!

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  3. Hey Henry this painting is looking nice. Some of the things I noticed right off the bat: the perspective of the feet is interfering with the weight of his pose. If you tilt his left foot it will be more on the plane that you have established with his other foot. I also think you could push your values more. You've got a really strong light source coming from the right side of him but you should consider the gradations that will occur within his shadow side. I'm almost thinking that the light source on the right should be more of a rim light. This would require you to establish another light source on the other side of him. This lighting scenario will be more complicated but I think that it is necessary to show more form throughout your piece.

    You might also want to address the values on different pieces of his costume. They are all sharing about a 75% value. You could break this up. Other than that I think this whaler is shaping up rather nicely. I would take a crack at cleaning up the edges, especially on the outer parts of his silouette. I like to use the PEN TOOL to do this. \

    Lastly I would relax his right hand and open up fist cuz you've got twining fists right now.

    You can call me if this rambling post is confusing. Hope this helps.
    Good luck dude.

  4. @steph: i'm in sf right now. :( but I agree with the pipe.. I just haven't touched it yet... I'm gonna make it shorter and silhouette it with light...

    @cullen: yeah, I agree it should be rim light. When I originally tried to go for that effect, it made him look very flat. Maybe if I made the secondary light source stronger... Thanks.