Friday, September 18, 2009

finished line drawing

Here is my son of Ahab so far. I'm currently working on paint and color, but I wanted to see if there was anything that y'all saw that needed changing. I want him to seem a bit volcanic but coming from a background of pain and wandering. He's lived on Easter Island for years and found his fathers old ship washed up on a deserted side of the island. At this point he's charged up and going after Moby. The spearpoint is made out of Obsidian- a volcanic rock. Crits on design choices or anatomy or anything would be great. OHHH, and He's stepping up onto a gang plank to board his ship although its not drawn in here. Thanks!!!


  1. Hey Steve. Thanks for commenting on my boards! Great points.

    The only design thing that sticks out to me is his backpack? I'm a little unclear as to whats on his back or what it is for.

    Also I'm not sure what you mean by volcanic but if your referring to him having lived on easter island, you might want to punch that up a little. I wouldn't have guessed he's gone native just from the drawing.

    Otherwise he looks ready to kick some whale-ass. Kinda reminds me of a lost-boy crossed with harry potter.

  2. Thanks Mike, good points about the backpack. I'm trying to fix the design and I'm adding some tribal stuff too, that should make it read better, thanks!

  3. The piece of cloth at his waist seems like something is propping it up rather than it blowing in the wind/his movement. Also, I might lose the glasses, it really makes him read as harry potter, unless you're going for that look. I hope that helps, he looks like a fun character.