Sunday, April 19, 2009

blocked in charcters

I just blocked in my characters for now and also showing the line drawing of them. If I could get feedback on design and whatever else needs improvement, that would be very helpful. thanks.


  1. Hey Hieu,

    The characters look fun, but they seem a little similar to me, especially the head and face. It might just be the way they are colored. Perhaps you can play with that and make one guy lighter, or maybe change the hair style or give one a shorter beak. Also, are they the same height? I hope my feedback helps!


  2. Hi Hieu,

    They are looking pretty good so far. I agree with Justin about them looking very similar in terms of shapes, but I can see you are using their personalities to differentiate them. My biggest concern is with the bird on the right. You are trying to make him classier with a martini (I like the umbrella in the hair, btw), but the overalls are definitely NOT classy. I'd say to push the costuming and pose on that guy a little.

  3. Hieu!
    I think you should push the poses a lot more on both of them. I can see the characters are doing an action, but their personality aren't showing through. like the one of the right... he's sipping a pink martini which is hilarious. but is he snooty or what personality are you trying to portray? like his free arm/wing isn't doing anything to tell a story. this stuff is really hard, i'm having a hard time too since going to colmans lecture and i learned alot. good luck!