Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gilded. er.., my FANBOAT (rough)

Here's a rough pass before I take to finish. My idea is to give it a feel of a broken down old dock, while maintaining the look/feel of a Fanboat. This has been one of my main problems. I really would like to push it more, and I will admit I've been struggling with the design. My characters are a couple of crazy-hick Gators. They're gruff, impulsive, and not entirely coordinated. Any feedback would be highly appreciated... Thanks.

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  1. Hey Nelson, I like the shape of your boat a lot. It definitely reads as an old dock. I would suggest interjecting some of the gator's personality into it. As of right now I would not guess that your characters were alligators or hickish. Maybe they would have a cooler of beer on their boat? Things like that would give it some personality, because it already looks like a boat.