Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nelson: Progress...

This guy is sooo far from finish. Just wanted to post something up. This is by far not the final color scheme. There's some color, but the brown was just there to lay in a underlying value plan. I hope to take it to a more painterly finish so the lines - i hope- will be gone. This is it for now... More 2morrow


  1. Hey Nelson!

    I don't have much to say in general, but I would clarify your values in the area near the engine. I really had to look hard to distinguish the chair from the engine and the objects around it. A little tweaking and some color will help it from looking like a big blob.

  2. It's looking nice so far man. I actually like some of the areas that are brown, even it is just acting as value placeholder. Especially on the side panels of the boat, it goes well with the green.