Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Character Redraw

I am really struggling with the character poses, and getting their personality to read. Does the driver have the "yeaaaah" and gunner the " di da" attitudes? I will probably just color these due time . Thank you in advance!


  1. Justin, I think the gunner definitely has the personality your trying to convery. The driver has the "yeaaaah" pose but the expression is not reading as so yet. Maybe push more of a bigger grin/smirk/smile more? Good luck man.

  2. Hey Justin, sorry this is so late. I think I agree with Vu about the gunner. He totally looks like he's spaced out. The personality reads.

    For the driver I'm having a hard time understanding the pose and what he's doing. I'm not sure what the "yeaaah" pose even is. He looks kind of angry to me. Is he trying to kick someone?

    Thanks for commenting on my crows and good luck.

  3. Hey Justin, to be redundant, I like the gunner. I don't think he needs the cliche pulling on his eye thing, though. It reads very anime to me. Maybe he can pick his nose instead.

    The driver still needs help. He can be all "BRING IT ON!!!!" without flying through the air. When I jump into my hot rod to race some punks, I usually have a power stance that involves two feat planted on the ground. I can see you are really pushing the pose and foreshortening, but I am confused by his hand coming right at me, and I feel no reason for his foot to be up in the air like that. His chest fuzz is also confusing.

    In terms of his facial expression, I think it is OK...His head is very level with the ground and the viewer. Compared to his over the top pose, it feels stiff. If his body language was more controlled, it would fit together better. Dont be afraid to REALLY open his mouth. And a good trick for crazy eyes is to be able to see ALL AROUND the iris. That would help him look more "extreme".

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you for all the helpful feedback!

  5. Yeah Justin, the Driver actually looks like he's falling over or being "yanked." Your bottom character definetely has appeal and personality. Maybe his mouth could be opened up a little. Ever hear of a "mouth breather."