Monday, April 13, 2009

Nelson: Fanboat Final

Round 02

Thank you guys for the feedback. Here's where I am tonight. Guess I'm been trying to really clarify my boat as much as possible and control color & values too. I get a little lost. I'm really open to suggestions at this point as far as texture, further clarity, values, what is not working, etc. Not sure if its clear, but like I mentioned in class, I wanted the shape to resemble an alligator's head, but not sure if that is reading clearly yet. Thanks.


  1. I wouldn't guess you were going for an alligator shape if you didn't say anything, but I can see it now. Maybe if you added some teeth shapes it would be clearer. I think the chains and steering mechanism need to be clearer and the top planks should have some wood texture.

  2. Hey Nelson, I like your design a lot. I think the crazy engine complete with fire extinguisher hiding behind that captain's lawn chair is awesome. I agree with Ken's comments and can see the alligator after you said that. Overall your painting looks pretty good, and if you wanted to go further, I could see it using some unifying color for all the areas that light is touching. Maybe a cool yellow or orange tint based on what you have so far. The only thing that is bugging me is the perspective of the front portion. Cover the nose area and look at the boat- build an expectation and then move your hand away, you'll see that the front is less profile and more 3/4 than the rest of it. I know its due soon so perspective wouldn't be that manageable unless you tried after it was due. But I am totally digging this fan boat!