Monday, April 13, 2009

It's been laborious working on this line drawing, but it was fun to paint. Once I added textures, I wasn't sure if it worked against the clean line drawing look I had going. I wasn't sure how 'flat' I should go, so I went somewhere between flat and rendered. Any thoughts...? I also have a bit of a 'poop' deck thing going...too weird?


  1. Hey Steve, this is looking great so far! I'm ok with the poop deck thing.I would be disappointed if it were clean, considering they are birds. It still looks a bit like a texture brush, though, especially since the other textures around the boat are all the same size. Give it a little spice. Be careful of some of the areas that are just a flat color, like the pipework on the car doors; they are reading as two dimensional and don't fit with the boat as well. Maybe try using a different texture brush than you have been using to give the different materials some life.

  2. Hi Steve,
    You have a great drawing here! Lots to look at and really feels aged by all the texture. It looks pretty even on my screen though, I think you need some darker darks here & there. If you squint at it it looks overall kinda grey and a lot of the cool details disappear. Maybe the propellor could be lightened up a bit too for contrast so that it reads. I think pushing the values would further add dimention. Good luck Steve!