Sunday, April 12, 2009

in progress

Here is my boat after its most recent coat of paint. It is still very, very rough, but I would like to get as much criticism as possible. It is a little more refined in other areas, and I know the light and shadow sides need to be defined. That is swamp muck on the skull, and blood on the cage. Any suggestions to make this better would be awesome!


  1. Hey Liz! I think the teeth need some love, to distinguish them from the skull. They could be really gross and yellow or even with some blood ..if you want to make it gory that is. Speaking of gory, what about some body parts? :)The actual jaw could have some texture and details on it as well to make it more "boney". Maybe add some brand to the spray bottle? Also, some shiny highlights on the spray bottle, joystick and metal bars would help describe the materials more. Hope that helps! My boat looks so dark compared to yours! Thanks for your comments and for posting. Good luck!

  2. hi liz,

    i think your values are a little even throughout the vehicle. So my eye doesn't really know where to focus. For example, I don't think the Spray can needs to be so bright, maybe save the most contrast for the seat area of the vehicle. You know, overall just could use some more contrast. Silhouette some parts that aren't key areas more like the rudders and underneath the boat. As for texture, maybe a few nicks on the propellor. Make this baby pop!