Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey guys, I have been doing some more ideating since last class, and here is one of the drawings I came up with. Right now the idea I am going for is extreme, manly men, dangerous swamp rats. I kept the croc skull, but only the lower jaw as the basic boat structure. The engine is a modified blender motor, and it is encased in a beat-up rat trap. The two cans on the side are hairspray, and can be ignited to form a crazy dual flamethrower of DOOM. The driver uses the old joystick to steer, and by sitting on top of it he is pressing the throttle. Aside from liting competetors on fire, the gunner also uses the mousetrap on the top to launch items of himself to nearby boats.

I think this feels more like a boat than my previous ideas, but I would like to get some suggestions and criticisms to make it more agressive (this is the badguy car) before I show it to JP. Thanks!


  1. When I first saw the mouse trap I thought it was a booby trap to keep other racers off other than a catapult. I think if you add a spoon to the mouse trap and then a cross bar in the middle to stop the spoon it would appear more like a catapult. I don't really understand how the driver would steer while sitting on the joystick either. Right now it looks like the driver would be standing in front of the joystick while having to turn his head around to see where he's going. One thing you could try is moving the joystick forward a little so there is enough room for the driver behind it and then maybe add some kind of handles to the top (like a paper clip or something) so the rat would have something to hold onto with his tiny hands. He could use the lower buttons like pedals and the top button could be used to ignite the flames. If you are keeping the idea that the rat sits on top of the joystick then you would have to make it look more like a place to sit.

  2. I totally dig it. I want to see the rats on it doin their thing. And if your going for manly, put a bigger, bad-ass fan on that baby!

  3. I think its shape could be pushed more, maybe more of a forceful dynamic shape. Kinda like what JP said to a lot of us, that it should feel like it could compete as a racer. I know I'm struggling with the same problem (easier to see in other's work). Also, I think you could push & vary the proportions more on the "bits" for more contrast & an interesting silhouette. right now, the engine doesn't exactly have a clear & interesting enough silhouette. Good ideas though, man I need some more of that in mine. Good luck...