Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Character 01: Driver

Hi guys. Here is a revised character from yesterday. Reworked an original thumbnail for my driver. Open to any suggestions/tips at this point... Especially if something is not working. Not sure if color palettes are working either. Tried to unify & harmonize it. Thoughts..? Thanks.


  1. Hey Nelson,

    Your driver looks fun. For me, the 2nd palette from the left is visually pleasing. His hand that is in his overalls is questionable though. He looks like he is finding something besides his keys; maybe you can have his hand partially showing like a thumb. Also, it might be cool to have his tail bulge out a bit to show his weight on it. I hope that helps? Rock on!


  2. Hey nelson, the character is looking good. I don't know about the colors, though. They are looking a little pastel and monochromatic. Stop holding back! What color do you think your character should FEEL like? If he should be wearing pastel pink, then go for it. What about muck and grime on his clothes?

  3. thanks for the feedback guys... i'll give it a shot.

  4. I think if you combined the first and the second one - it would look nice. I like the orange over-all thing with the blue clothes underneath. Plus, you may want to add more mud and maybe some grass stains on the clothes to dirty it up. I think it'll help the color variation if you have a strong light source. Shadow shapes might make the design more interesting.