Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've been stuck on this fan boat forever! So hard! I dont know what to do. it looks so stupid. My animal is a woodpecker. As charcters, they're not smart and all they do is peck on wood. They have thick heads to keep from headaches when pecking, so basically, they're kinda stupid. I know it sounds wierd and funny, but thats what I read up on them. They eat berries, nuts, and ants. I dontknow how else to incorporate hill-billie-ness to this. If i could get some advice to make this look somewhat mroe decent than now. Thanks.

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  1. A couple of things Hieu, first off when you said they're not very smart and peck on wood I got this visual of them poking holes on the boat so water starts seeping in. Kinda silly, but I can see it. Also, I guess try to have an idea about their personalities as characters. Maybe their boat is jammed with all sorts of stuff since woodpeckers seem to collect stuff. You have that little nest in the middle of the boat: try to push that motif more. Try playing with the silhouette overall more. Hope that helps.