Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hey all,

I haven't made it to class to show my ideations since I've been holed up at home being sick. I'm still trying to tie one idea down before Monday, so I'd really appreciate it you guys can point out which ones are more successful than others or let me know what I can do to improve them. The ones I'm partial to are the two big ones on top.
Thank you!


  1. Hey Aletta, I do like your thumbs, however they arent' fan boats, they look like motor boats. I had this problem as well, and JP said that exactly about my work. so I had to do some thumbs over again. If you research fan boats again, you will see that there's this huge fan in back of the boat and wings in the back to steer the boat. If you've seen what Liz had on her last post, its a hodge-podge of things that take place in the everglades and that are related to hill-billies. you can also relate you boat to your charcters that drive them. Your charcters are animals from the everglades, for example, aligators, beavers, and snakes. There are many more. but thats basically the assignment for last class. I hope this doesnt boggle you down and hope that it helps. good luck.

  2. Hi aletta, I like some of your ideas, but I have to agree with Hieu about the need for the big fan in the back. If you have to have ONE thing on these boats, that is it. One thing that I really got dinged on as well was making my shapes too organic. I like the whale idea, but JP might think it is more of a character design than a vehicle design. The racecar design or the sled (if it had a fan in the back) might work a little better for this purpose. I like the idea of shooting barrels, and the huge exhaust pipes are interesting as well. Other than that, just make sure the items work together, and pay attention to how they all connect and function in relation to each other. Keep going!