Sunday, May 10, 2009

Castle Exterior

Hey, this is my castle exterior view. It's still really rough, and the rock castle still needs a lot of reworking, but what do you guys think? The right, one is supposed to be with fog. Thank you in advance.


  1. Hi Justin,
    I think you are getting a good feeling on tree shapes. If you break up the proportion of the tree (tree trunk and where the brunches stars) more uneven, it's going to look more convincing. Bunny said that we all tend to break up trees (top and bottom) in half, so watch out for that. Since this is a piece, I would like to see more castle design. I understand that you are still working on it, but I think trees are covering too much of the castle. It almost look like just a gate so far, so I think you should show off your design more.

  2. Justin, the foggy one is very moody and mysterious, I dig it a lot. I would agree with Kanako that it'll be nice to see more of castle and not just the entrance. Also the trail is slightly too light and empty, it could use more textures like rock, leafs, broken trees, plants. The overall idea and staging is very nice though, good luck!