Monday, May 18, 2009

Katie: V.P.

Hey Katie... look how good I draw with photoshop!

Anyhow, you've established a 3 pt perspective, so your verticals should receed to same point above us. Likewise have horizontals conform to the v.p. established by the castle. Your 3pt. perspective is a good idea, as it gives it more drama

As far as composition: careful your foreground tree size, placement & shape are more contrasty than the castle. At first glance because they are so even in size and placement it looks like its a rumble between the castle monster vs. tree monster. I would maybe extend the picture plane a little more and that will give you room to change the tree sihouette..


  1. Thanks Nelson!
    Yeah I made some headway yesterday on the outer wall but looking at your drawings I decided to change it's direction to going back into space towards the right, kind of like your bottom drawing and it works a lot better now. The instant I saw yours I realized how much more dynamic it would be to have the wall's diagonal tilt opposite to the castle's and as I said it's much more interesting. I wold post it, but I've been planning on adding some sort of iron gate, for a while, and I haven't had the chance to mess with the tree on the left yet.
    Thanks again for your help (and to Steve who has also been giving me a lot of good advice)!!

  2. Watch out for the half-and-half composition!!