Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've been trying to work the pose out. I think her legs would be covered by the dress, so it won't really show. I hope it's working a little better. The feathers are really loosely painted in. Not much thought was put into the shapes yet because I've been focusing on her pose. Thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome!


  1. I think it looks cool Dora. I always like your style, and treatment of stuff. Although her legs might probably be covered by her dress, it might be more convincing if we did see how her legs were positioned. I see her dress is disintegrating into feathers, her skirt might be as well. Or just some crazy magic has blown it to one side or something. I think some leg shapes or indication, would break up the blue blob, which is kinda flat compart to her torso.

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  3. Thanks!
    Great suggestion Micheal! I didn't think about that. :) I probably won't be able to fix it before class, but I'll get that in there.
    Your comments have been very helpful!