Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tower Interiors 2nd Pass

Hey guys! I have been working on my interiors. This is a second pass. I tried to use more dynamic angles. The room is hexagonal in shape so I wanted a shot from above to show how tall and narrow the tower is. I haven't worked out the perspective so I am sure it is off. I think I just heard John! ... :) I just wanted to get some feedback on which were working. I am liking 2,4,8 and 11 but am open to any of them really. Thanks!


  1. hi chantrelle! i'm diggin #2 and #11, mostly they seem more packed in with bird cages because those have the smallest floor space. 4 and 11 are cool because i see a fire place, but the empty space right in the middle of the composition is a very round shape if you squint. in the other ones, the negative shape is more angular, giving a more interesting shape and a sharp edges and angles can mean evil!
    looking good. :]

  2. Hi Chantrelle,

    From these thumbnails, the ones that are clearest to me are 2 & 10. 4 is OK too. I like having the birds in a tower. But I don't quite get a sense that we're in a tall vertical space, or that there might be 7000 birds here. Maybe consider an up shot showing rows upon rows of cages going off into the distance/towards the roof or maybe we're higher up looking down through countless cages towards the floor.

    That said, I really like your castle design and tower idea for the birds. It works with how I imagined the story. Also, I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed your castle design for my storyboards.

  3. Chantrelle, 10, and 11 are working well for me. The layout and staging are very effective with distinguished fore, mid, and background. 10 is very interesting because of how you push the cage extremely close to the camera so you can see through it's wireframe. I would say push it even more further to the cam so not the whole entire bird would be visible, to give it a sense of ambiguity. Althouh compare to 11, 10 does give the sense of height as you describe of the tower. The framing and shapes of 11 are very intresting too. Also I really like how you can look down on the cages from the other comps. Try marrying various elements from different comps you have here and I'm sure you'll get a killer piece.

  4. Hi Chantrelle,
    You may have picked one already, so I'll just add what Michael brought up about a tall vertical space. Most of the down shots look as if the camera is always on the second floor...maybe because the variations in the positions/elevations of birdcages are not obvious? If this is a tall tower and you are looking down from third or fourth floor height, there would be greater size variations in birdcages.
    I like your interior design with fireplace. It's going to create a nice lighting!

  5. Thanks so much for your comments everybody!!!

  6. Oh and I thought I recognized that castle in your storyboards Mr. Fong!! problem, it is a compliment to my castle design :)