Wednesday, May 13, 2009

J&J Edits

I usually try and let you guys work this stuff out before I crit it in class, but in this case, I see that Liz is really struggling, and she's trying to solve the problem, so I am posting this. Consider these edits. The hands of Jorinda are oddly two-dimensional, and they are pointing off to the side. All her attention should be focused towards Joringel to really sell their relationship and the drama of the moment. I think you can work in a more elegant solution with the transformation and how that looks visually. I would recommend trying to maintain a clear read. Try to push the drama by giving Jorinda a dramatic pose, not only in intent, but in shape. the hunched over look really doesn't sell it for me. You're on the right track, and this is really a tricky one, so don't feel discouraged!


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