Saturday, May 9, 2009

these are really rough so i hope you can tell what's going on. i wanted to show the girl off more in this one and have her burst into feathers as she transforms. but i need some feedback before i start doing lighting and color studies on this.



  1. I think it's clear and dramatic, good job. For me I think it would be really cool if you could get some sort of facial expression in there. It looks like its trying to be dramatic with the arm and the super down shot, but even with her face turned away you can tell nothings going on there and it kind of takes away from the drama.
    Hmm, and I'm not totally sure, but it might be cool to get some other element in there, because I feel like my eye is stuck between the two people and I want to look at something else but there isn't anything taking my eye out. Not sure if that makes sense or if it's just my imagination so take it with a grain of salt!

  2. Hi Dora,
    This is looking very dramatic. I agree with Katie, and I want to see more interesting tree shapes.All trees are very straight and spaced almost evenly, and it looks like a redwood forest. Since you have are good at stylizing anything, I want to see more variations in tree shapes. Are you going to add lower trees or plants? I know this is a rough layouts, but the ground looks a bit naked.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the helpful feedback. I'm taking this into a more tied down line drawing and I will add the elements that both of you mentioned.
    Katie - I'm going to try and get more of her face in there so you can see her expression. Also, about adding another element to take your eye somewhere else... I'm thinking about playing around with putting the owl in there somehow. We'll see if it works.
    Kanako - I know the trees look VERY even and dull. I'm planning to add some branches to them to break up the space. Also, the ground does feel empty right now, but I am planning to texture that in the painting by adding a stone path way and some bushes. I will try to indicate it in the line drawing.

    Thanks again guys!