Friday, May 15, 2009

Here is my drawing after making changes based on JP's critique. Some things need to be cleaned up, but I redrew Joringel's arm and hand, as well as Jorinda's. i also reworked her dress and fleshed out the feathers. The background is new as well. As of right now the left hald of the composition is feeling really plain. I would love to hear some feedback to know if things are working better; I am going to try and get through color comps tonight. Thanks!


  1. hey liz, the arm changes look good. i know your going for a stylized look, but Jorinda's neck is really stiff and extremely long. there are some extra lines under her chin, I'd assume its some indication of feathers, but it looks more like wrinkles. also, her hand that is turning into feathers is really small. i know there should be that perspective and going into the distance thing, but that big difference for a couple feet. good luck, hope that helped a little. and the bird brush you made is really cool!

  2. Hey Liz,
    I don't mind the left half composition to be plain like that. In fact, it'll be better than making it too busy because then it's going to start battling with the right half. I like you made the castle smaller. It looks it's far away now.