Friday, May 8, 2009

Exterior Comp

Hi... This is my Visual Development comp for my Exterior. I would appreciate any feedback. What I have here is a rough value comp. I wanted to get a general sense of the shapes & values ( not a lighting comp). My concern mainly at this point is composition. I'd like to push the shapes more. Also, I originally felt I had the feel of an overgrown forest, and think that I have lost that. While it marinates... I will ponder any storytelling I could add.

Hope to have the interior composition reworked soon as well... Thanks.


  1. Hey Nelson, in addtional to Miles' crit above, I just want to add that the foilage to the left of the comp is where my eyes go to at first glance. I like the shape and how it's curves to the castle but you might wnat to shift it either up or down to the third of the comp. Right now it's in center division, almost like a reflection to the foilage at the right of the comp. Good luck Nelson.

  2. Hi Nelson,
    I agree with Vu and Miles, the tree foliage and the castle are all right along the horizontal center of the piece. There could be more stuff in front of the four trees I think. Or we could be a little closer to the castle and have more of the foliage in our way.

    I think you could add interest by tilting the horizon line a little, or having the camera closer to the ground. Its a pretty straight on shot even after moving elements around. Actually maybe the camera-shot stuff doesn't apply as much, since its environment design and not a moment piece. Good luck just the same.

  3. Thank you guys very much all good stuff thatI hope to tweak. I think I will go back rework it at smaller size... :)