Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A few Color Studies Interior of Tower

Here are a few color studies. I changed the interior from last class's crit as well. Any comments would be helpful. And I guess I have allergies not the swiner :)


  1. Hey Chantrelle I'm glad it's not the swiner. I like your first color comp a lot, the one with green illumination. It's more magical and witch-crafty. Also the last one with the purple and orange palette is interesting as well, even though it makes the environment feel slightly cozy.

  2. Hi Chantrelle, I agree with Vu. THe first one looks kool. It could look alittle more green. Right now, it looks abit dull. The red one looks like the witch is going to burn all the birds. lol.

  3. Hey Chantrizzle, the first one does look pretty spiffy. I like the color schemes that are less saturated, because it feels more dark and evil to me. I also like the last one. Since you did so much green on your last interior, maybe it would be a nice change. Just a thought.