Friday, May 8, 2009

moment piece line drawing

Hey guys, this is a current line drawing for my first moment piece in which Jorinda is turning into a bird. I tried to design my shapes a bit more and clarify some things. How are the shapes working together? I also changed the design for Jorinda, and would like to know if the moment is reading more clearly with the changes.


  1. Hey Liz I really like how you have designed the shapes out in this piece there are just two things that stuck out to me. Since you have such a severe up shot going on here I'm thinking you could tip the ellipses on the castle more to force a more extreme looking perspective. Also the bluff in the front is fighting against the up shot angle. You might want to angle this down so you can't see on top of that. Other than that everything looks great.

  2. I think this looks pretty cool so far. Are you planning to show some connection between Jorinda and the castle? So the viewer could not mistake that the castle is the cause of the situation we're seeing. A bad example would be like a tractor beam. I definitely know whats going on as is. Its just a suggestion to really hammer home the story.

    Also I get that your framing the action, but I think you've cut the corners off pretty evenly. You almost have a perfect diamond shape. And Jorinda kind of has equal sized tree-leaf-canopy-blobs on either side of her. Just my 2-cents.

  3. Great comments guys I totally agree!
    For me the one thing that stands out the most is that I don't feel like she silhouettes particularly well. I love her action and everything but I think if you could cut into her skirt shape a bit you could see the awesome arm shapes better and it might even make her pose look a little more pushed.

  4. Hi Liz,
    I like your stylization on this piece.I would like to add two things.
    This is very similar to what Michael said, I think Jorinda is in even spot from her surroundings. (between the castle and Joringel, bet. stuffs in upper right corner and lower left corner) Also, I see what is going on here because I read the story, but people who don't know the story may not see her turning into a bird. The feather's on her arms look little bit like decorations on her dress.