Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here is my most recent line drawing of the "fleeing" moment.  I'm working on the painting but I'm unsure about which one of the owls is better.  I want it to seem like the owl is flying away from the  spot where Joringel is sitting.  One is more of a profile and more 'owl-y', but it seems like it might be flying from screen right somewhere.   The other one is more dynamic and feels good because it is flying straight away from the dramatic dude.  What do you think?  Thanks


  1. Hi Steve. I like the profile one better. Its good to see that it is an owl, the other one doesn't make that clear, and the pose I find actually less dynamic straight up twining. I also think its pretty clear that she's heading for the castle. The other one looks weighed down by the cage as if its gonna collapse into the trees on the right.

    & thanks for the feedback on my drawing... :)

  2. I agree that the profile reads more, but maybe you can move the owl to the left a little, so that the finger flows into the owl a little better? Good luck Steve!

  3. Looking good Steve! Love the composition and those awesome tree shapes! That guys has a really small foot! Also, it might be kinda weird to crop right on his other foot...maybe add some nice foreground foliage to make the crop not so abrupt? And I agree with the above comments about the owl.