Saturday, May 9, 2009

Castle Interior

I was noodling around try to make this composition work more. What do you guys think? I am thinking of the 2nd one?


  1. Hi Justin,
    I like you are repeating drippy shapes to create certain mood. Are you going to put more cages and make them a focal point? My eyes just travel between those candles and then go to the empty floor...looking for something. The foreground element and the back column are almost tangent and lose depth. There is a tension between the ax and the first column, and I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not. So far, these look very similar, and I don't have a preference. I'm looking forward to seeing the second one.

  2. Justin, I'm thinking of the 2nd one too, I feel that the ax would be too warrior-like for the witch. I see her as a more magical and spiritual individual with spells. You could incorporate this into the dungeon with elements like mirror, figurines, altar, strange iconic paintings etc. As for the comp I think the layout of the environment is working pretty good. The banister on the top is a little to horizontal for me, it feels tangent to the right edge of the comp, maybe till it a little. I agree with Kanako that my eyes also travel betweens the candles, without stopping at a definite focal point. If the cage is ur point of interest maybe have a nother lightsource there, and possibly a bowl of seed to feed the nightingales. It's pretty tough I always have problem deciding a focal point and emphasizing it too. Hope it works out for you Justin, good luck!

  3. Thank you for the helpful comments everyone.