Monday, May 11, 2009

Exterior & Interior

Thought I'd upload these for some last minute feedback.

This is my interior, which I've worked out over the weekend, after scrapping my previous idea. I like where I"m going with it, but it hasn't benefited from critique. Any feedback appreciated.

I've worked on the exterior a bit more based on feedback, but still not fully committed. I'm really trying to make the foliage in the foreground work, but I'm afraid it takes away attention. Second, having trouble making my castle read clearly. Its pretty loose, but at that distance Its tricky to make it pop without making it too dark.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Nelson, if you need to pop out the castle you got to bring down the value of the tree trunks in front of it. Then tone down the contrast and texture of all the canopy and small branches behind the castle. The reason is your castle texture is camoflauge right into the background. Also I think JP mentioned that the castle could be nicely lit and harmless on the top but at the base it's dark and dangerous. Hope that works for you.