Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I changed the poses around since last class, but the values are still giving me a bit of trouble. I'm not sure if everything is clear. Any suggestions would be great!


  1. I'm no lighting guy, but I would just artificially light Jorinda. I'd make her hella stand out. It looks like she should be the focus point. She's transforming anyways right? I assume later you will give her an expression, too? So we get the idea she's being taken against her will. So we don't think she's an angel or something.
    Also she's almost in the exact center, so I might move her and joringel to the right a little more. I would think you could even get away with cropping off part of joringel since we're only seeing him from behind.

  2. Love the composition! I agree with MF about lighting her to stand out but also I think the whole thing needs the contrast pushed up. Also I know this is at an early stage but I think the negative shapes between the trees could be more interesting and so would make interesting light-shadow shapes. That one tree right behind Jorinda seems kinda weird, like a cat's tail or something. Maybe work on its shape since it stands out among the trees.