Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I have so far-Exterior

Hey all you night owls! Sorry to post this so late but finals have been harsh this semester. Here is what I have so far on the exterior. I usually have issues getting the values correct, anyone notice anything really bad value-wise? Also, is the lighting too dramatic? Or too religious painter-esque? I kinda like it but I have been staring at it now for a long time....Any general comments appreciated! I am going to be up all night so if anyone need last minute help post away!


  1. I think it's looking good! I don't have a problem with the lighting. I like the feel of it. It's very fitting with the style of the castle.
    Right now, I don't know what the background is. I see some indication of trees, but you could probably push the contrast more to keep them from fading out.
    Also, (it may just be me) but the some of the moss that's hanging off the branches seem to be in tangent with parts of the castle. Specifically the little owl sitting on the roof. It's head is touching the hanging moss on the branch. I don't know - see what others say.

  2. Hi Chantrelle. Nice design... I hadn't had a close look at this. Have you considered desaturating the the palette in the foreground? As it stands, its a little too warm and contrasty for me. I think it would evoke a mood more if overall it were a little more unified in its palette & light temperature. I think the light should be more on the cool side. know its a little late to suggest this. The lighting might be too much. Is there a reason for the emphasis on the foreground? I really like the treatment of the Castle, just think the foreground would be better if it complimented the castle instead of contrasted so much.

  3. Hey thanks for your great comments guys! I was struggling with rules of warm vs cool and foreground vs background. I played with cooling down the foreground just using a mulitply layer and it looks a lot better! It definitely looked too contrasty after I looked at it next to a cooler version. Thanks again!!