Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey guys, I redrew my first moment in which jorinda turns into the bird. Right now she has a beak, because it seems to be the most obvious way to indicate she is turning into a bird without giving her angel wings. I was hoping to get some general crits before I make a commitment to color. Any suggestions on the bird-face would be great also. Thanks!


  1. I think having only feathers can indicate she's turning into a bird. I thought that she had a mustache at first. You could also try making her arms look like they are transitioning into wings more and give her birdish legs.

  2. This is such a tough thing to get across in one shot! I agree with Ken about the mustache, I would keep her face human. I think it needs a magic touch to it. Light around her or things shooting out from her, anything that shows there is magic going on. Here are a few disney transformations that I could think of, I am sure there are more. The Snow White clip is in German which is kinda fun to watch :) Hope that helps Liz.