Sunday, May 17, 2009

So this is what I have so far, I'm starting to get the under-drawing tied down and I put a loose value study on top based of off the color comp underneath it. I'm not sure what's working and what's not so any feedback would be awesome, thanks!


  1. Hi Katie, it is looks fine so far to me. My only suggestion would be to really push those values to extremes. Give that tower a really good silhouette.

    And also I am not sure if the pointing towers in the foreground are going to the same vanishing point as the owl-tower.

  2. hi katie. i'm really bad at perspective but just from a first glance, the wall in the foreground compared to the castle isn't working for me. it looks like they're on a different vanishing point and the castle is really tall but also leaning over a little.
    i like your sunset colors. but they are a little saturated for such a evil place, i don't think you want to make that place warm and inviting. cover up the castle with your thumb and just look at the sky and mountains, you'll get a totally different mood. good luck!

  3. Thanks taking the time to comment guys, I'm working on the wall and the turrets and its working much better now.
    Steph- the comp I have there is the one JP chose during class. I not sure that level of saturation automatically makes something inviting, I was going for a more anxious overbearing feeling, but I'll definitely remember to bear that in mind when I paint.
    Thanks again!