Sunday, May 3, 2009

J & J roughs

Hey everyone. I dunno if anyone is still using this blog, but I thought I'd throw a rough pass of my J&J boards out there. It is not to time and some of the panels are really rough, like just action-placeholders with no BG or camera angle, but hopefully you'll get the jist. I've also taken some liberties in how things go down because I think it might be clearer to someone who doesn't know the story.

Its currently at 73 panels, and theres still some A/B and reaction shots missing! I'm going to continue work on this tonight, so I wanted to know if it reads AND if there's any suggestions I can do to slim it down. Or ANY suggestions at all. Please let me know whatever you think. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Michael,
    I like it. its funny near the end with the witch and bird. For me, its just scene clarification. Right after seeing the castle, then the owl, I don't know what that scribble is. I know its still in the rough stages, but you could draw the witch more clearly just to give the viewer an idea of who that person is. That's all.