Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey, here is a very rough drawing of my castle in its environment based off of my interpretation of the crit I got last week, I'd really appreciate some insight before I moved forward with solidifying the drawing and design and moving onto lighting and color. Thank you!


  1. Hey Katie, I'm not sure, but I feel like you could play more with the trees. Possibly you can make some taller. It feels like there is much open air. Right now i'm looking at the tree tops and there are 3 points, left, middle, and right. I hope that helps?

  2. Hi Katie,
    It;s looking good so far.
    I think you can make the foreground less even. I'm not sure because I didn't take notes from your crit, but is this castle supposed to be in open space? If not, you can make the space visually more closed by using more framing devices. Do you remember the opening sequence of the Citizen Kane? I tried to find a clip in Youtube but I couldn't. Here is a couple of images on someone's blog. I think this is one of the best opening sequences among all the films. If you can find a clip somewhere, you should definitely check it! It's a same castle from different views, but it's eye traced by a same window throughout the sequence.

    Or, if you have Five C's book, I was thinking about something like page 229.