Saturday, May 16, 2009

Drawing revision

Hi everyone,
Here is the revision of one of my moment pieces. I had a lot of trouble finalizing this one, and it took me forever to get here. This is going to be an under drawing for my final drawing, so lines are rough and I still need to design some parts...such as the bottom of her dress and the cage in front. I'm going to leave the bird cages on the stairs flat and graphical, but if it's going to be a problem, I'll try to design them better.

I appreciate any suggestion.



  1. Hey Kanako,

    It's looking good, I think you're almost there. For the second flight of stairs, I might make the bottom a smooth surface, it kinda looks mc escher-ish, unless you're going for a magical kind of stairs. There's still some wonky perspective with the cages at the lower right hand corner. Also for the two cages on the right, you can see like the same amount of the bottom of the cage. For the cages at the top, I'm not sure, but it feels visually heavy, but I think you can push it back once you do the values. I hope this helps!

  2. Hey kanako, I am liking this a lot! I think the guy's pose is a little rock starish, and kind of awkward. I think you could find a better fighting pose for him. One thing I noticed about your composition is there is very little overlapping of shapes. That is what is going to create the illusion of depth. Especially with the bird cages in the background, they are very lined up and arranged so as not to obstruct each other. You can still give them a flat treatment, but I would try to make them look less staged.

  3. Thank you Justin and Liz!
    I'm having trouble making the spiral stairs look right. I guess it might be too thin for stairs and the each step is too narrow....maybe. I'll work on it. The pose of the boy is tricky!! Since he has a flower, he easily becomes like he is proposing the evil witch :( As bad as being a rock starish.

    I'll keep work on it, and do some colors, too. I'm still open to any comment since I'm working on maya now. HELP!

  4. Hi Kanako, I had a little trouble figuring out the stairs, but I see that we are looking at them from below right? How are they being held up? Maybe consider how to design it structurally would make it far more convincing.

    I would definetely overlap and vary the cages olong the stair case also the shelves they are on. A little "controlled chaos" would be good. Its an opportunity to play with scale, push and pull (both the cages & shelves), exaggerate even if you are going for a flat treatment. Right now, they really seem like an after thought. Your character & focal point are so playfully pushed it would be great to see the rest of the environment reflect that in its own way.

    Good luck, can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. Thank you for taking time for me nelson. I definitely consider architectural elements to support the stairs. I'm scared because I'm so behind of everyone...