Monday, May 11, 2009

Here is an updated version of my moment piece. I tried to take into account everyone's great advice. Right now I am struggling to make it more clear that jorinda is transforming into a bird. I added to lame magical sparklies to hopefully drive it home a little more. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Liz, one thing that I get is that Jorinda's bell shaped silhouette gets kind of lost. You have that shape repeating a lot. Maybe her back side could show the transformation more or even break the silhouette more to reflect that. Also think that they are very similar in size and based on your pushed foreshortening they could be contrasted more. I think it would be more dramatic if Jorinda really felt like she was out of Jorindel's reach. Jorindel's hand looks like he's grabbing for the leaves on the tree also (tangent)

  2. Clear up the background behind her silhouette, Liz. I think that'll help focus your eyes to the action and make the moment read better. Maybe you can also increase the wingspan silhouette to make it even more prominent?