Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Redone castle designs

The bottom ones are the ones I had in class on Monday, and the top ones are new designs. Hopefully they're more in tune with the vibe of the project, and I'm still working on some new compositions and maybe finalizing the designs.

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  1. Hey Aletta,
    I don't remember if you were going for a scary castle or not but my gut reaction would be to make it scarier.
    Also, in your original drawings, I like the top left corner one. It looks like it could be an aviary, and I think you could keep it ornate and grandiose, and still get a really creepy vibe. I imagine someone stumbling on this odd boxy building in a forest and its eerily pristine. Plus the flower motif is a little clearer to me on that one if you still want to keep that for foreshadowing.