Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hey all. I know I have been posting like crazy (every day...), but here is one more. I have been working on my painting, and have gotten a little stuck. These two are my moments sans line drawings, so they look pretty rough around the edges. If anyone can find any glaring problems I would sure appreciate some advice. Thanks!


  1. Hi Liz, Looking really sweeet! I would just push the contrast more the forest scene.

  2. hi liz,
    i like the purple in the shadows you used on the tree. i would be nice if you applied put a little purple into the guys shadow too, so the colors of shadows are cohesive. watch the guys hands too. if hes suppose to be the same guy, his hands got really tiny from your other moment piece. are you going to add wrinkles to him later? because it seems like a different style compared to your other one. this one is really smooth.
    the second one, the yellow on her dress it getting really desaturated, so shes starting to blend in with the trees on the bottom. the gold and orange on her dress is nice together but that purple is a little jarring.
    good luck!

  3. Hi Liz, top one is looking sweet. though the flower might be too saturated, just add some cool shadows on it maybe. Also, maybe a petal might be flying off of it. Could be kinda cool storytelling like he has to get to it before it gets blown off.

    Bottom. Looks like it just needs more contrast. Foreground elements including Jorindel could have darker darks.You might even want to cool off the nighttime sky behind the tree tops so that it receeds even more.

    Its looking good.

  4. I see that these are still in the early stages. Make sure you get some life into your pieces. They feel a bit empty or static right now. What I mean is, with the flower piece, make it feel, cold, hot windy, something. Give your bg a more attention and try to get good atmosphere in there to really make it feel like he's high up risking his life, not on a sound stage with a painting of a valley behind him.

    The transformation piece is suffering a bit from the same symptoms. You're on your way, but don't let your pieces die as you take them to finish! Good luck!