Monday, May 18, 2009

repainted the girls face a bajillion times. but its still not working. i tried the whole sheldon face structure thing, but it seems like i don't get it. anyone is free to draw on her to show me what the heck i'm doing wrong. really frustrated right now. still trying to keep it loose. and wip on the witch. any comments would help!


  1. Hey Steph, I like some of the ideas you've shown here, like the witches feathers, bird skulls, and owl cane. Drawing-wise, there seems to be some funky business going on with Jorinda's right arm, the one reaching up and touching her clavicle area. It seems like her humerous is too long, and that it is impossible to actually touch that part of her while her elbow is at her immediate side. For an even better pose, I think you should swing that elbow out a little more away from her body. It would silhouette better and break up that whole right side of her into a more interesting shape. That would also allow you to place her hand anywhere on herself without contortion. I hope that makes sense and helps.

  2. Hi Steph, these are looking better, I am diggin' the witch.

    Also Steve, I can totally touch my clavicle with my elbow touching my side. Just a note...

    I think your witch is suffering the same painting problems as Jorinda. They are still a little mushy in a face area. katie's draw-over was spot on. For now I would concentrate on building their faces our of simple shapes instead of making them look good. JP's technique of building stuff out of erasers to help with lighting would be a good trick to use. Another trick I have to use all this time is flip the image horizontally. It make it much easier to see where things are getting mushy or aren't in the right places. Keep flipping back and forth and her features shouldn't float around.

    You are getting really close, but I think taking a step backwards with the faces can help you a lot. I know you are a fast painter anyway, so as soon as you get the features nailed and looking correct, you can finish this in no time.

  3. Steph: also, I would clarify the bird in the witch's hand more. It took me a while to see it. Maybe rotate the head so we can make out the clear silhouette. I think it would be okay if it was facing away from her even, so that it doesn't get lost in the necklace. Just a thought, I thought it was a sweet potato at first, until I made out the face.

  4. Watch out for the use of blacks and greys. Try to achieve the same effect using mixed color. It's most noticeable in the gown on Jorinda. If you can get more purity in your color, you might find that she looks a few clicks more appealing right away. Her top is also a bit baggy, and it looks like it wasn't make to fit her quite right.

    This stuff is really tough, and I struggled with it for a while until it clicked when I was in school. Don't feel too bad if it doesn't come immediately when you try it for the first time. Good luck!