Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interior: Ideations Revisions (variations)

Hi Folks. Nelson here. Finally able to get these revisions done, so I've come up with 4 possibilities for my interior (variations on an idea). Hopefully they read, I've been having some trouble getting used to the contrast on my monitor. Anyhow, here is where I'm at. My critique last week on this was that it just looked like an ordinary attic of some crazy person with a collection of bird cages. I definetely want it to be more than that. I want it to feel like its the inside of a tower structure, and at the same time when you come upon it it evokes surprise, maybe a little menace, but at the same time somewhat fantastic. I would appreciate any feedback as to which is more appealing or interesting so that I can develop it. So, yeah, if one or two of these are working let me know... or not.



  1. I like #3. I get the feeling that it's in a tower, and the space feels bigger. I also like how the cages are organized, but it still maintains the cluttered feeling.

  2. I would have to agree with Dora, I like #3 it makes me want to see the stuff in the room behind the bird cage in the foreground, but #2 reads clearest to me even from far away. However the thing with #2 is that I feel it's so direct with the focal point and it sort of looks like an attic, but like Dora said with #3 the space is nice. It also looks like the very top of the tower, is that what you were going for?

  3. I agree with Dora. #3 is the most appealing angle and composition to me. It still feels like it could just be an attic though. For a tower you might include a little bit of stone wall and some of those skinny castle windows. I assume you'll keep working on it, but from these drawings I could still see it as a crazy bird collector. Since your exterior was old and creepy, you might try to keep that vibe. Maybe try to play up the room as more of a prison, than just storage. Cool stuff though.

  4. hey nelson, i'm liking 3 also. be careful of the rule of thirds tho. the big cage is almost at the middle but not quite, so its a little distracting to me. either put in the middle or put it on a third. have you tried extending your canvas a little wider yet?
    also i think what is making this one less atticy is because you can see that lower support beam by the floor. so be careful not to cover it up like number 1. it helps make the space a lot bigger and taller. like a tower!
    also, is there any other details you can add to the inside so it doesn't look like a attic. like what are the inside walls made out of or like a window, maybe lights? and what is going to light this room?
    yeah, lookin good nelson :] hope that helps

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Are each one really, really helpful. I see it with fresh eyes. I am gonna go with #3 and hope to incorporate your suggestions. You guys are great.