Monday, May 11, 2009

Help please

So I've changed based on last crit. Its pretty rough still and Im trying to tie down things. Still have to add more cages, birds, baskets, etc. However even after I do that its still missing something and I cant figure out what it is or why its not too exciting just yet. Help..thanks in advance


  1. at first glance my critique would be that it is just a shot of a room with birds in it. What is your focal point? Get really dramatic with your lighting. What would happen if the room were absolutely filled to the breaking point with cages and baskets? Try to give the room something that makes it special.

  2. I agree with Liz.
    I also think you should maybe play around with adding elements of aging? Like spiderwebs and dust. This can be added later while you're painting, but I think it will help sell the mood of the room.
    The cages right now all seem similar in shape. You do have square ones and oval ones, but I think you can push the sizes of the cages as well. especially as they are going back in space.

  3. I think you can add some birds to the cages sitting in the middle of the room. Right now, it just makes it feel like all the birds were set free already, with some birds just hanging out in the foreground. Your light sources are pretty even. Perhaps make one stronger, depending on your focal point. Also, if the birds are allowed to be out of their cages, perhaps you can have a few birds flying around

  4. Yeah, Miles, I feel like it needs a stronger focal point. Think Storytelling. I'm going through the same things... I like the layout of the room, its unusual and feels like a dungeon. But, I think it could be pushed more: angles/shapes, and esp. overlap.